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The Roasting Process


Bahamas Coffee Roasters’ is proud to be a Specialty Coffee Roaster in the Bahama Islands. We have over 30 years experience with coffee from the ground to your cup. We import only the finest Specialty Grade A green Arabica beans from around the world, and roast them here on the Island of Eleuthera; creating the freshest coffee in the country. Our current bean stock comprises varietals from: Papua New Guinea, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kenya, Honduras, Panama, Peru, Hawaii, Indonesia, Daterra Estate, plus a Mexican ‘natural’ DeCaf. We are continually adding to our inventory. All of our beans are Fair Trade, Organically Grown and (where appropriate) ‘Rain Forest’ and ‘Bird Friendly’ Certified.

At our operation on Eleuthera Bahamas we take the green beans and slow-roast to perfection in small batches. Each batch can be blended to create a mélange of tastes unique to these Islands or remain alone from the origin grown. Our coffee is immediately packaged to ensure capturing its exceptional aroma and flavor.

This is the coffee bean on the vine just prior to picking. It is in this process when it is picked and dried that the bean holds the origins flavor of where it was grown.


This is the green bean fresh from the sack when it is delivered to our location. We then examine each delivery and the product to ensure that it is exactly in the condition we are seeking and the quality of bean to meet our standards. The green bean is then stored at the exact temperature required to maintain its integrity.


This is a photo of our roaster and the careful attention paid to each roast. We take pride in the product we produce and have a passion for the perfect fresh cup of coffee.


Please try some on Island - and if you are a visitor – why not carry some home with you? Our premium quality foil bag, with its one-way valve, keeps the coffee in prime ‘freshly roasted’ condition – so you can share ‘a Taste of Island Time…’ with your friends back home.










We take pride that we are able to produce some of the best tasting coffee in the Bahamas and Worldwide.



Kirk & Patti Aulin
Bahamas Coffee Roasters
242 359 7106
242 470 8015

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