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Coffee Facts

​​1. 65 countries in the world grow coffee. They are all along the equator, within the tropics.

2. Coffee is not grown anywhere in the United States except Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

3. In 1675 Charles II, King of England issued a proclamation banning Coffee Houses. He said that they were places where people met to plot against him.

4. 30% of coffee drinkers in US added a sweetener of some kind to their coffee, compared with 57% in UK.

5. October 1st is official “Coffee Day” in Japan.

6. Scientists have discovered more than 800 different aromatic compounds in coffee.

7. Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world (oil is the first.)

8. Brazil produces around 40% of the world’s coffee supply.

9. A Belgian named George Washington invented instant coffee in 1906.

10. Coffee has been used as a beverage for over 700 years.

11. Black coffee with no sugar contains no calories.

12. More than 20 million people worldwide, work in the coffee industry.

13. There are two species of coffee plant: Arabica and Robusta.

14.75% of the world’s coffee comes from the Coffea Arabica plant.

15. Drinking a single cup of coffee that has been brewing for 20 minutes provides the body with 300 phytochemicals which act as antioxidants and stay in the body for up to a month.

16. In days gone by, Turkish bridegroom had to promise that they would always provide their new wives with coffee.

17. Espresso Coffee has just one third of the caffeine content of ordinary coffee.

18. Coffee beans are really berries. Each berry contains two beans (pips).

19. An expert in preparing Turkish coffee is known as a “kahveci”.

20. The Nicaraguan Margogpipe is the largest of all coffee beans.

21. It takes 40 coffee beans to make an espresso.

22. One coffee tree yields less than half a kilo of coffee per year.

23. A coffee tree lives for between 60 and 70 years.

24. Worldwide, more 1400 millions cups of coffee are drunk every day.

25. Caffeine, which is found in coffee, increases the effect of some painkillers, especially aspirin and paracetamol.

26. Germany is the world's second largest consumer of coffee in terms of volume at 16 pounds per person.


27. An acre of coffee trees can produce up to 10,000 pounds of coffee cherries. That amounts to approximately 2,000 pounds of beans after hulling or milling.

28. The percolator was invented in 1827 by a French man. It would boil the coffee producing a bitter tasting brew. Today most people use the drip or filtered method to brew their coffee.

29. With the exception of Hawaii and Puerto Rico, no coffee is grown in the United States or its territories.

30. Up until the 1870's most coffee was roasted at home in a frying pan over a charcoal fire. -It wasn't until recent times that batch roasting became popular.

31. Each year some 7 million tons of green beans are produced world wide. Most of which is hand picked.

32. Major per-capita consumers of coffee are Canada, the United States, Germany, Austria, Italy, and the Nordic countries.

33. 27% of U.S. coffee drinkers and 43% of German drinkers add a sweetener to their coffee.

34. The world's largest coffee producer is Brazil with over 3,970 million coffee trees. Colombia comes in second with around two thirds of Brazil's production.

35. Hard bean means the coffee was grown at an altitude above 5000 feet.

36. Arabica and Robusta trees can produce crops for 20 to 30 years under proper conditions and care.

37. Most coffee is transported by ships. Currently there are approximately 2,200 ships involved in transporting the beans each year.

38. The popular trend towards flavored coffees originated in the United States during the 1970's.

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